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December 2018, Newsletter Issue No. 41


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• Is your utility taking advantage of PSN "QUICK PAY"?

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CSA Welcome!

On behalf of Central Service Association (CSA), its members and board of directors, I am pleased to welcome the clients of Professional Computer Systems into the CSA family as a part of Professional Computer Solutions, LLC (PCS)," Tom Underwood, CSA and PCS General Manager said. "CSA's management and board of directors feels strongly that by combining these two companies, the utilities served will benefit through our shared vision, resources, products and buying power."

For over 80 years, CSA has always been a "family of utilities," cooperatively owned and currently over 100 strong. As of January 1, 2019 we proudly welcome the 60-plus clients of PCS into that family," Underwood added. "With the PCS team, our organization will include over 150 employees serving clients across the U.S. and Bermuda with a wide range of products and services specifically designed for our utility family."

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Connect with Angie

Now Available

Card maintenance - is now available. In fact, a third of you already have it. Specifically, it is the ability for customers via Utilit-e Online or MCA and utility staff via Cashiering or Customer Service to:

  • Delete a saved payment method
  • Maintain the expiration date and/or zip code for a saved credit card

For those utilities, with a release of or greater, the PSN payment screen now has edit and delete capabilities. These new features were designed with the intent of being intuitive and self-explanatory; but as we all know, it may result in a few calls by customers to the utility. A document was provided to utilities with the capability when PSN put their piece into production.

Anyone on a 7.0.x release who is interested in having this capability, please contact your Business Services support person and they will schedule your upgrade and supply you with the documentation.

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Marc's Insights

As you know, PCS has been making some changes and enhancements to the Payroll module during 2018. Here are some of the more notable changes that have been made recently.

  • The ability to enter an effective date of a payroll rate change. So if you know on December 10 that someone is getting a pay increase effective January 1, you can enter that new rate and it will automatically use that rate on time sheets on January 1. This does require the use of the work date field on the time sheet screen. Or if you aren't using the work date field, then it just stays as a timing issue like it has in the past
  • We now have the ability to set up a deduction for an employee with the total deduction amount, and it will withhold the per check amount until the balance reaches $0.00. An example would be a 401k loan of $5,000 with a monthly payment of $150. The system would withhold $150 for 33 paychecks, and the remaining $50 balance would be withheld on the 34th paycheck, and then the deduction would stop because the balance would be $0.00.
  • We added a new screen to calculate the taxable amount of life insurance over $50,000 and form a time sheet. Today it only calculates an annual amount or a monthly amount. In the near future we will be adding the ability to calculate the amount for weekly, bi-weekly, and semi-monthly payroll. This uses the IRS table found in publication 15-B.

Call the Insight team if you have any questions or would like help with any of these enhancements.

Below are some changes coming to Payroll in the near future:

  • The ability to have different amounts go to different direct deposit accounts per check. For example, on the first payroll of the month you have $200 going to a savings account, but on the 2nd payroll of the month you don't want anything to go to that account. The upcoming enhancement will allow for this.
  • PCS is adding the ability for - wait for it...... negative deductions! Those of you that have asked for it know what I mean, and several of you have asked for this. It isn't needed often, but when it is needed it takes some manipulation to handle it today, especially if it's a pre-tax deduction.

The 2019 Payroll Tax Changes have been emailed to each Payroll department. Click here for the same notice or go to the PCS website client area under the Insight section to download a copy.

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Got the Power?

With a few Power BI installs under our belt, PCS is ready for more utilities to come on board. Power BI is a new platform for delivering YOUR data to you, anytime, anywhere.

What does Power BI have to offer?

  • Visual representations of your data
  • Access to your analytical data anywhere you have an Internet connection
  • Data is automatically refreshed on a schedule
  • PCS has pre-build reports and tiles from the Connect and Insight data
  • The Utility can create custom dashboards
  • View several layers of data - from high level down to the detailed information
  • Power BI is very intuitive and flexible

How can I find out more?

Shelley Lee is the BI Coordinator at PCS and has been working intelligently to get the new Power Business Intelligence (BI) delivered so you can feel the power and be in control. Contact Shelley today with your questions regarding Power BI and how to get started.

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Is your utility taking advantage of PSN "QUICK PAY"?

PSN's Quick Pay has a new look. Quick Pay allows customers to make a one-time payment without registering. Payments post to PCS software because with Quick Pay, PSN gathers account number and name (as shown below). The payment process remains the same with the Internet Payment Module. To sign up for Quick Pay, please contact your PSN Service Account Manager.

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Insight New Development List

18.1.5 (November Development)

Development Topic Status
Effective date of pay rate change When changing employee pay rate, you now also enter an effective date, and timesheets will automatically use the correct rate based on effective date and worked date.
Payroll deduction until balance is $0.00 We've added the ability to set up a deduction and have it automatically stop when it reaches a certain dollar amount. And example would be a 401k loan. If that is set to $1,500 for example and employee has $100 deducted once per month, the deduction would automatically stop after 15 months.

18.1.6 (December Development)

Development Topic Status
AP ACH file SEC code We changed the SEC code from PPD to CCD for AP ACH files. Payroll ACH files will continue to use PPD for the SEC code.
Payroll benefit adjustment screen We added a new screen in Payroll for making benefit (e.g. PTO) adjustments, such as adding or subtracting benefit hours.
e-file W-2 Ability to e-file W-2's and 1099's. This uses our Nelco e-filing service, similar to what has been used for 1095 e-filing the past few years.

19.1 (January Development)

Development Topic Status
Separate fed/state filing status Currently filing status (married, single, head of household) is one setting for the employee. We are changing this to allow separate filing status for federal and state withholding.
Ability to print company expenses on direct deposit advice slip We are adding the option to print company expenses on the direct deposit advice slip. Technically these could print on the paper check stub too but there often is not room on a paper check.
Payroll negative deductions We are adding the ability to handle negative deductions for a payroll run, to correct an over-deduction from a prior payroll.

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Connect New Development List

18.1.5 (November Development)

Development Topic Status
Progress Removal - Service Order Print New HTML service order print layout. Anticipated release first quarter 2019
Statement Redesign Work is on-going on the new statement design.

18.1.6 (December Development)

Development Topic Status
Outage Call Handling Integration Continued efforts on integration with CRC, Milsoft and Trimble OMS system.
OCH - Notification to Utility Staff Send email to utility staff when an outage is reported
Progress Removal - Service Order Print New HTML service order print layout. Anticipated release first quarter 2019
PSN Card Maintenance

PCS and PSN is providing the ability for the customer to maintain their credit card(s) on file via Utilit-e Online and MCA. This allows the customer to update the expiration date and/or zip code of the card billing address. In addition, the customer will be able to remove a saved card. PSN code deployed Dec 17th.

This functionality is available to all clients with PCS release R18.1.3.3 or greater.

Statement Redesign Work is on-going on the new statement design. Initial efforts have been started with first beta deployment.

19.1 (January Development)

Development Topic Status
Outage Call Handling Integration Continued efforts on integration with CRC, Milsoft and Trimble OMS system.
Reconnect of Visibility of Amount to Pay
  • Develop a setup driven method to determine the amount to pay to be reconnected
  • Display or communicate that amount in numerous places
    • CS - Account At A Glance screen
    • Web Customer Service
    • Cashiering
    • Disconnect for nonpayment service orders
    • Utilit-e Online
    • CRC Integration
    • Payable amount passed to PSN and IVR
Statement Redesign Work is on-going on the new statement design. Continued efforts with first beta deployment. Current expectation is printing new statements in February.

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