PCS Client Portal

Welcome to the PCS Client Portal!

From this point, navigation to the specific areas is accomplished by the navigation bar just above this welcome. 

  • Home will take you to the PCS website that is open to all visitors to our website.
  • Client Home will bring you back to this page from any of the other pages you visit. 
  • Applications and Services will take you to the PCS Products Menu.  The products are grouped by
    • Connect – billing, customer service, Utilit-e Online, Mobile Customer Access (MCA)
    • Insight – all of the accounting modules, including the Employee Portal and Time Entry.
    • Business Intelligence – all workbooks that are available
    • ITS – all services and IT related news

For webinar recordings, release notes or documentation click the PCS product, Connect, Insight or Business Intelligence, that aligns with the area you are working in and a listing of those documents will be available.